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Carp Fishing in France

Secrets to Catch Even More

Numerous carp lakes all over France must be alluring enough for carp anglers all over the world to visit this amazing place. No wonder, it automatically becomes an exciting opportunity for anglers when they find carps weighing more than 40lb in majority in the lakes spreading all over this country

Carp, though an inactive fish to its core is the master inside its own territory. If you are not really an experienced angler, things can get a bit tough for you. These carps always do all possible things to divert your attention and if you really want an easy catch, try to think seriously on how to trap these. Go through the secrets stated below and find it out yourself.

carp fishing france

Search for your carp

Though often ignored, this is one of the most essential tasks that you must complete. Before you actually start fishing, try to locate a place where carps can be found abundantly. It will make your day easier.

Proper location for fishing rod

Fishing rods are one of the most important parts of your fishing kit. Make sure it is well structured and firm enough to hold a heavy fish. Learn how to properly hold it and place in the part of water will numerous carps.

Prepare the bait properly

You must add enough food in the bait so that the fish is engrossed in eating and catching the food. Additionally, with lots of food, chances are thin that the fish will be able to notice the hook. The bait should not be limited to a single ingredient but there must be enough delicious items for a fish that will catch its attraction immediately.

Observe the water properly

You must notice the water you are fishing. Provided you have a careful watch, you will be surprised to see leaping carp even during a rainy or dull day. If you are lucky enough, this will make your day.

Do not be static

Do not stick to a single place while fishing. The shelter you have made must not be that big that it will take half a day to move to a different location. Try to put the rod in different places where carps are seen to make the best out of it.

Adjust yourself

The different lakes all around the France are not the same and they vary from each other. No wonder different factors like makeup of lake, vegetation, nature of lake bed, depth of Lake etc vary from each other. Not surprisingly, the carps also vary. So, same tactics in all the lakes may not work. Adjust yourself according to the condition that you are in.

Remember one thing, along with all these tips, an extra bit of luck may also come handy. When it comes to carp fishing in France, nothing can be guaranteed, but these tips will certainly help you and increase the chances of your success.

Essential Equipment for a Week of Carp Fishing

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Carp are very suspicious fish who will give the angler a fight to the finish. This makes carp fishing very popular among some of the most serious anglers in the world. There are carp fishing derbies held all over world and are becoming more and more popular. Some of the biggest carp in the world come from France. These huge monster carps are reasons anglers head to France for a week trip. If this is your plan, you need some essential equipment for a week of carp fishing.

Keeping in mind that you are likely to catch fish that weigh in excess of 50lbs you need to bring along equipment that is designed to handle the stress. Carp fishing tackle is designed just for this reason. You can purchase a good heavy duty rod and reel set for less than $100. This makes carp fishing an affordable vacation if your looking into bringing the family. Below your going to find some essential equipment needed for a week of carp fishing.

Equipment for a week of carp fishing

The fishing rod is the most essential part of equipment that you will need. This may seem obvious but knowing what rod to get is critical. A fishing rod designed for carp fishing is heavy duty and can withstand the stress from the fight that the monster fish will be dishing out.

Fishing reel. There are many different reels to choose from. The price range is usually around $30 each. These reels are designed to catch the biggest fish out there. These reels are a sure fire way to land the catch.

Fishing line is important. A fishing line that is old will break and your catch will be seen swimming the other way. You need fresh and strong line that will bring the carp to the shore. Line that is graded for fish of 50lbs or more will prove ideal for your trip.

Clothes that will keep you dry in bad weather. Sometimes fishing in the rain is the best time to catch the biggest one. You need to stay dry and warm during these times, so a good insulated rain suit will assist you in fishing in all weather conditions.

Bringing along the above items will not only ensure you have a great time, but you will be able to last the whole week. One last thing to remember is to bring along enough of everything. Nobody likes getting out there on the 3rd day of a week of carp fishing and running out of hooks. All tackle needs to be multiplied by 3 so you know you have enough.

Choosing the Right Fishing Reel

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The choices don’t ever seem to end when it comes to buying fishing reels. Walk into any retail store that caters to fishermen and prepare to be weighed down with nearly endless reel displays. How does a novice choose what will suit their fishing needs between a variety of manufacturers, spinning reels, bait-casting reels, and numerous variations on reel designs?

For freshwater and light salt water use, determine whether you are going to use a reel designed for bait casting or spinning. Bait-casting reels are a very common choice among bass anglers, in view of the fact that they hold heavy lines and have a lot of cranking power. This is very helpful when you are pulling fish out of hiding. However, bait-casting reels are not normally a good choice when you plan to fish with light lines or lures. You should take some time practicing your cast in the backyard to become skilled at how to cast this kind of reel correctly and to find out how to avoid spool overruns or “birds nests”.

If you plan to fish with lighter lines, smaller lures, and smaller baits, then a spinning reel is the best choice for you. These reels easily handle smaller diameter lines like 2–10 lb. test. They are very well liked among trout fisherman and walleye anglers for this reason. Bass anglers are beginning to make use of spinning equipment more frequently; particularly with the increased attractiveness of finesse methods such as drop shotting.

Saltwater fishermen demand lines that will enable them to catch larger fish. Line diameter is almost always larger for this type of fish. Bait casting reels are the most commonly used for saltwater and are often called by the name “conventional reel”. Advancements over the years have resulted in reels that are suitable for bottom fishing or trolling. This negates any need to cast the bait or lures to distances. The bait casting reel offers superior cranking power and enables you to secure that larger fish.

Many reel manufacturers will produce a specific reel model in numerous sizes to hold diverse rods and lines. Spinning reels are typically sized numerically, beginning with 1000 and going up to 6000. The size of the reel increases accordingly, with 1000 being the smallest and 6000 being the biggest. A smaller reel will have a smaller spool, so it makes sense that you would have to use smaller line diameter. Many reels will have line rating suggestions on the label, and will tell you how much line the spool will hold.

Bait-casting reels for freshwater and light saltwater are typically numbered with a three-number sequence such as 100, 200, and so on. Higher numbers are frequently used, but the common naming rule is usually a three-digit number. Conventional reels appear to use a two-digit number like 30, 40 and 50 customarily. The same idea that increasing the number increases the size is still relevant. The reel or reel box should be clearly marked with line rating and line diameter suggestions.

You might find the task of obtaining the right reel a bit overwhelming at first, but remember it is like anything else you do – the right tool for the right job. After all, you wouldn’t use a 5-wood to do a pitching wedge’s job if you were golfing right?

There are a large number of fishing reels on the market, some of the most popular are Daiwa Reels and Shimano Spinning Reel.

Carp Fishing Bait

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From bait dips and meat dips to tigernuts and boilies, as much as anglers are addicted to carp fishing, they also need to use the right bait. Carp fishing is a specialized sport, and there has always been a variety of concoctions where bait it concerned. Tigernuts have been an all time favorite with many anglers. Preparing the bait does not require much innovation except for a soak, a boil, and in some cases a bit of maple syrup or sugar. However, certain places in France don’t allow tigernuts as bait, so make sure you are well prepared otherwise.

Of course, you have the option of using your own bait recipe. This could be a better alternative because synthetic lob worm extracts available in the market do not contain the required amino acids that attract carp. Your bait recipe must include amino acids if you want a big catch. Sweet corn, cubed potatoes, cheese, and dough are ideal carp fishing bait. Meat baits can help you catch loads of carp. Carp seem to thrive on spam and luncheon meat. Cut them into cubes and place it on the hook, and your bait is ready. Using a bait dip helps during winter since carp are less active during this season. To boost your carp catch, you can use paste baits that are sticky and can be molded on hooks, leads, and the main bait.

For a sure shot at a 30 pounders, lobworms are the perfect choice. This is great bait in summer and winter, which can be used alongside homemade pellets and pastes. Bloodworm products are expensive but are also a good option. Hormone based stimulants work well with male carp, which are easily attracted to such bait. However, to catch carp consistently you need to consider the location, season, and most importantly, the situation. If you are on for an overnight session or a day trip then high attraction baits are the best solution. They cost less and contain many additives, which is ideal for short fishing sessions only. If you plan to use these then carry different colors and flavors in your kit.

Carps are known to be greedy fish, so creating bait with a great taste will have them coming back for more. This means limiting the amount of preservatives, however, using this type of bait can assure a decent catch. There are plenty of high quality baits available at a price. These consist of a fishmeal base mix and a liquid attractor. Although the liquid attractor may not last in the water, the base mix is well flavored to last for much longer.

Another good bait are the high nutritional boilies that contain all the necessary nutrients. However, these are expensive but provide value for money. They have a longer life cycle and can be effective for carp fishing sessions over five days or more. They may contain less liquid attractors, which is why it may take longer to attract carp, but is more effective in the long run. Adding a bait dip works well with this type of bait. Remember, it’s all in the ‘bait’. So, a little bit of trial and error will help you find the right bait.

Various Functions of Bait Boat

The popularity of bait boats has gone through the roof of late. These boats are in great demand by the fishermen. These boats are usually used for fishing and they have given a new edge to the profession of fishing. When this boat was introduced it was debated whether this boat a friend or foe of the fishermen.

the reason why more and more fishermen are opting for this particular boat. However, the controversy surrounding use of this type of boat continues.

A serious debate is continuing among fishermen. There are a few who really love the bait boats and there are a few who loathe the boats. The fishermen who do not use these kinds of boats are of the opinion that these boats take the skill out of the angling and they also say that if a fish is caught with the help of these boats it is found to be of less merit.

If the fish are caught using these boats, then are the fishermen the real heroes? By using its technology, these boats could help you in angling

List of Advantages

There are a lot of people working in the fishing industry who don’t prefer to use a bait boat. Their thoughts may well be along the lines that Bait boats are not worthy of a fisherman’s use. There are a few advantages that you get from bait boats. The greatest benefit of a bait boats is its accuracy over other models.

This boat will help you put the bait beneath a margin canopy that is far away, or you will be able to place it right on a slit patch with an echo sounder about 200 meters away. One of its offerings will enable you to have a distinct advantage that other fishermen do not have. These boats have this kind of accuracy.

The second benefit of this type of marine craft is it won’t tangle. Occasionally, when using long hook link materials, the cast can become entangled. You can avoid the tangles with the help of the bait boats.

An example of a bait boats is a Microcat Bait Boat

A bait boat can hold a sizable amount of bait making for less trips back to shore.

How To Catch Catfish Basic

If you have ever wondered about how to catch catfish, then this article is for you. You are about learn how to select the right bait for catching catfish, and what to look for in order to find the fish. Setting jug lines and using the old rod and reel are the two typical methods of how to catch catfish. But what bait to entice them with, and how to find them are the two tips that are crucial, at that we are going to be talking about today.

Locating the catfish is probably the more difficult of the two to do. But the basic idea is that catfish like to find points, drop offs, stumps, fallen trees or other cover with which to scavenge for food. Don’t worry about what time of year it is, as catfish are good to be feeding nearly year round. Recalling the last time I went out and jug lines and didn’t catch any fish is very difficult to do.

The second thing is what kind of catfish bait to use. Outside of the very large catfish, they are mostly scavengers, and will go after most anything that has a strong scent of blood or protein. If you really want to catch the big ones, you’ll need to start using perch and shad. Use live if possible. Sometimes they are hard to keep alive, and if you cannot do it, then just cut them and allow them to bleed in the water. If you are looking for the quick strikes, using chicken livers or blood bait are great ways to go.

Catfishing is the art of mastering the location of the fish and enticing them with the right bait. I hope you have learned much from my catfishing instructions, and will come back for more great stuff from me.

To locate the correct fishing equipment for sale, regardless whether you are a UK or elsewhere, it is vital that you understand all that is needed. A great number of hunting and fishing equipment stores all over the world have a huge inventory of good well-known supplies. Become a fisherman or simply fish. A starting fisher might be capable of design a pole, but it’s doubtful that he will be triumphant with it.

Fishing Equipment for Sale

About all shops which have fishing supplies for sale provide pricey and economical goods. You can purchase fishing supplies such as rods and reels from about seven to thirty five pounds. Having the right rod and reel will assist you in getting a range in sizes of fish. Sports supply shops provide both fishing and fly fishing equipment. You can find rods and reels, wholesale fishing tackle, fishing knives and accessories like hooks, bobbers, sinkers, swivels and bait. Sea fishing uses different fishing supplies than small lake and river fishing does. You will be able to obtain all your fishing tools and supplies counting ice fishing equipment in these stores.

When you are looking for fishing equipment, also consider the boat you may be using and pay some attention to what you will be wearing. Is your trip going to be a long one lasting for days on end or a short simple same-day fishing trip? You should have appropriate wear to help you stay dry and warm and also the right boat and equipment suitable for the waters. You need to look at several different stores in order to be content with the products you purchase. At times, there are discounts you can get on fishing supplies for saltwater and freshwater when you obtain fishing gear in large quantities.

UK Fishing Equipment for Sale

Do yourself a favour and shop at a good place which has a lot of experience. You can get detailed facts from reviews and information online or you can visit a shop and see for yourself. Study pricing and quality of the goods and choose the store which guarantees their products. Notice how well they serve you. How did the employees treat you? Did you have trouble reaching anything? Was the store clean and orderly? The fact is that as it pertains to UK and other fishing shoppers, you can locate the correct fishing equipment for sale if you know how to look for it.

Snagging Cubs and Breams in the Ponds & Lakes within the UK

Coarse fishing is a well-liked kind of angling done inside the UK. As many kinds of fish are known as coarse, those who fish should be familiar with their habits and match their fishing tackle as such. Let’s see how you can accurately choose your coarse fishing tackle based on the kind of fish.

In an earlier era of our nation’s past, only the gentry would try to catch fish for sporting purposes. In addition, the freshwater fish species they preferred were salmon and trout exclusively. These fishing “experts” thought of other fish as less valuable. Hence, these fish were regarded as “coarse”. A couple of popular coarse fishing species are chub and bream.

Bream are fish who stick to canals, slow-moving rivers, and lakes. Bream are shoal fish by nature, so the presence of one is a good indicator there’s more nearby. For a worthwhile fishing expedition, choose a fishing rod somewhere in the neighbourhood of nine to thirteen feet. Fasten a fixed spool fishing reel to the fishing line along with a 3-6 lb. test line. The size of the hook will be the result of the bait you pick. Hooks numbered 10 through 16 ought to be utilized for maggots and worms, while number six to ten hooks are great for bread and big lobs (earthworms). Additional bait consist of things like sweetcorn and brandlings. Brandlings are a off species of earthworm which can be discovered in natural rotting substances like manure. Bream can live approximately two decades and weigh nearly seven pounds (though the nation’s record is roughly 16.5 lbs).

Dace and chub look alike, except the chub’s anal fin is convex. These kind of fish can be spotted in running water and likes to hang around overhanging trees. Chub also hang around lakes and ponds. Utilize fixed spool fishing reels along with fishing rods nine to eleven feet long. The line should be able to take 3-5 pounds. Suggested hooks are numbered 6-16. You can use maggots, strong cheese, luncheon meat, bread, casters and plugs. Casters are the chrysalis period of the maggot and plugs are fake bait that are in the form of a fish and tremble when pulled through the water. Chub have a lifespan of 10-12 years and the record in Britain is just under nine pounds. A normal weight for this kind of fish is roughly 5 pounds.

When a UK fisherman matches his coarse fishing tackle to the type of fish being tracked, the odds are improved.

Finding carp tackle online is easier than you may first have thought.

It’s not surprising that fishing has become such a popular sport and hobby. A lot of people go on fishing trips regularly throughout the year. One of the most important things that you’ll need to buy is fishing tackle and you should find a range of options online and in stores.